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Private Prenatal Yoga Classes

“The Mother is the baby’s first guru!”

Mother Earth Birth Prenatal Yoga classes embrace the philosophy that women have an innate strength and power to deliver healthy newborns. The class places emphasis on mindful movement, visualization, and breathing techniques. Gentle asanas (poses) help ease the discomforts of pregnancy and build strength, as the body prepares for labor.  


Regardless of your birthing plan, prenatal yoga provides the tools needed to make decisions and to feel confident about the choices made in labor and motherhood. Expectant students will find the class safe, gentle and beneficial, even if they have not practiced yoga before.

Prenatal Yoga classes are currently offered as private or semi-private sessions. The date and time of the class is to be determined by mutual agreement, as well as whether the session will be conducted virtually or in person.

Private classes: $125./60-minute session

Semi-private classes: $150/60-minute session

If interested, please contact me via the "Contact and Register" tab

Prenatal Mediation
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