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Doula Services
 by Esta

My personal goal is to help women learn to trust in their innate wisdom, strong bodies, and in the birthing process.

Mother Earth Birth believes that happy and healthy outcomes for parents and babies arise when modern medicine and innate wisdom coexist. The cost for Doula Services is as follows:

Total Doula Package: $1850split into 2 payments.


  • First Payment: $925. due upon contract signing, covers Prenatal Services.

  • Second Payment: $925. due at 36 weeks gestation covers Delivery Services.

The Prenatal Services payment covers all of our virtual meetings and discussions, as well as a group Childbirth Education class, 24-hour availability by phone, and accompaniment to (1) doctors’ appointment or ultrasound.  The second payment is for Delivery Services and is due at 36 weeks gestation.  This payment covers all hospital bedside services, including reservation of your due dates on my calendar at 38 weeks through 41 weeks gestation.

What  to Expect

If interested in my services, please contact me via the "Contact and Register" tab above. After I receive your information, I will reach out to plan a virtual “meet and greet”.  This meeting will determine if working together as doula and client is appropriate.  Are we a well-suited team with similar goals?  Will we enjoy working together? There is no pressure to commit to my Doula Services after our initial meet and greet. It is recommended that you reach out to me as early as feasible, but of course every pregnancy and birth is unique and I am always flexible with timing.


Following the decision to move forward together, I will send a contract defining the terms of our doula and client relationship.  The contract may be reviewed for up to one week, as I secure your due date on my calendar.  Once accepted and signed, the contract reserves your dates on my calendar from 38 through 41 weeks gestation. Upon signing, the first non-refundable payment is due.


A second virtual “prenatal meeting” is then planned to discuss obstetrical and medical history, your partner’s role, birth planning, and birth decisions, paths to relaxation, preparedness for breastfeeding, homecoming with a newborn, and more.


After our initial few meetings, we will plan subsequent meetings and/or phone calls, to be scheduled intermittently as need and urgency dictates.  Should you wish, I am also available to accompany you to an obstetrical or ultrasound appointment.  Outside of these planned meetings, I am always available and delighted to talk by phone about any pregnancy related issues or concerns that may arise.


During the weeks surrounding your due date (38 – 41 weeks gestation), I will be prepared to arrive at the hospital within 30-90 minutes from your call requesting my support.  At the hospital, I will be an advocate for your health and birth decisions, contributing my clinical expertise and providing emotional support. I will interpret all medical procedures and oversee their successful execution, including monitoring the fetal heart rate when necessary. Additionally, I will be available to guide you through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and gentle massage. In the event of operative delivery, I will accompany you to the operating room suite to continue my support, provided that hospital regulations permit. Following your delivery I will remain at your bedside for 1-2 hours, ensuring your safety and comfort, and assisting with your newborn feeding method of choice.   

Welcome, Ivy Reisch!









We are pleased to welcome Ivy Reisch, current doula

services based in Los Angeles, California*.

Ivy is an International Doula Institute Candidate.

Her background brings considerable knowledge to the

practice of Health Advocacy. 

Ivy is a 25-year certified personal fitness trainer, by the 

Athletics and Fitness Association of America.

She holds certification from Rising Lotus Yoga, as a

200-hour Hatha/Meditation Yoga Instructor as well

as a Thai Massage/Body Work Therapist, focused on


Her segway into doula services is a natural transition 

based on lengthy experience with the human body and dedication to women's health and well-being!  

* Los Angeles fee structure provided following the consult.

Image by Larry Crayton
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